External auditing – Auditor of joint stock companies – Management control

External auditing, Auditor of joint stock companies

External auditing – Auditor of joint stock companies – Management control

Revisione legale e sindaco di società

Studio Baracco Fornasiero offers its services as external auditor, single auditor or board of auditors in joint stock companies.

Thanks to the long experience of its professionals, the Consultancy’s clients can constantly rely on supervision designed to ensure the correct book-keeping of the company accounts and the correct registration of the company affairs both therein and, as a result, in the financial statements.

The professionals also supervise the company’s compliance with the law and the articles of association. They also ensure its adherence to the principles of correct administration, and the adequacy of the organisational-administrative and accounting structure adopted by the company and its practical operation.

Management control

With a view to accurately managing the company accounts, always in compliance with the law, the accountants of the Consultancy perform continuous auditing with a view to optimising the company organisation, as well as monitoring and rationalising its flows and internal procedures.

A professional and highly qualified service designed to favour the saving of resources and achieve a significant reduction in management costs.