Administrative and accounting services

Ordinary and Èxtraordinary

Administrative and accounting services

Servizi amministrativi contabili

The Baracco Fornasiero Consultancy offers ordinary and extraordinary administrative and accounting services.

Thanks to a team of experts in the field and constantly updated regulations and technology, the Consultancy ensures the professional management of all the company’s paperwork and accounting obligations, ensuring the development of new business and providing full assistance and support in the analysis and preparation of all fiscal obligations.

The Consultancy supports its clients in the following administrative and accounting services:

  • telematic activation, renewal, control and management of the company’s certified email account;
  • preparation and filing of statutory and consolidated financial statements;
  • simplified, ordinary, minimum and lump-sum accounting entries;
  • periodic financial statements for management control;
  • preparation of Internal Revenue Service applications and statements;
  • corporate tax planning and calculation;
  • management of payment reminders and notices;
  • compilation and transmission of the F24 form;
  • issue of company search certificates from the Chambers of Commerce and Land Registry archives;
  • specialized domiciliation services.

The Baracco Fornasiero Consultancy also provides efficient assistance in the management of administrative practices:

  • registrations as self-employed taxpayer;
  • company incorporations;
  • agreements and shareholders’ agreements;
  • drafting of articles of association;
  • drafting of minutes;
  • corporate acts;
  • real estate contracts;
  • completion of paperwork with public bodies;
  • registration with the mandatory welfare, social security and chamber of commerce bodies.