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International business consulting

Consulenza aziendale internazionale Baracco Fornasiero

Studio Baracco Fornasiero offers entrepreneurs international business consulting services, identifying the best development opportunities and supporting them as they achieve them, through collaboration with extremely competent peers operating in the relevant foreign context. 

Anyone wishing to enter a foreign market needs in-depth knowledge of the various development dynamics in terms of tax, legal and jurisdictional matters.  This generates the need to rely on professionals who know the foreign market and who can offer solutions tailored to the capabilities and potential of the company, as well as its objectives of growth and development.

Thanks to in-depth analysis and research, combined with the active participation of the Studio Baracco Fornasiero team, the client has access to a full ranges of services aimed at supporting the planning and management of a targeted and dedicated internalization path, including:  

  • creation of a Company Profile that conveys the key data and values of the company;
  • assistance in locating partners for new and secure opportunities on the foreign market;
  • definition of a marketing strategy to enter new markets;
  • creation of a tailor-made Export plan for obtaining support from Credit and/or Financial Institutions;
  • implementation of the Enterprise Risk Analysis.

With Studio Baracco Fornasiero in Padua, the client can benefit from a personalized and highly professional service covering all aspects of international business, tax and legal advice.