Business consulting services

Business, accounting, fiscal and legal consulting

Relying on a firm of business consultants capable of guaranteeing professionalism in a variety of fields is fundamental for any entrepreneur.
Baracco Fornasiero Consultancy offers its clientele total competence and many years of experience in the economic, fiscal, legal and labour law fields.
The services offered by the Consultancy stand out for the scrupulous attention paid to the needs of each client, who is assisted step by step as he or she manages their business.

Why choose us

Baracco Fornasiero Consultancy is the ultimate partner of excellence for a constantly updated, in-depth, dynamic, comprehensive and active business consulting service. A mix of quality and a broad range of expertise, based on efficiency, professionalism, technology and the ability to respond rapidly.

Training and seminars

For Baracco Fornasiero Consultancy, information and training are essential aspects for guaranteeing the high level of professionalism that the client expects.
For this reason, we devote ample resources to keeping our team updated on all matters related to tax, commercial, fiscal and labour law.
Conscious of the fact that the client also has a personal need to stay informed and updated on new provisions and possible changes in the law, Studio Baracco Fornasiero, in Padua, offers meetings, training courses and seminars for clients, held by the firm’s highly qualified experts.

Company meetings and conventions

A meeting room is available for business meetings and workshops.