• About us

    Messrs Baracco and Fornasiero pursue objectives of professional excellence that are achieved through a qualified, transversal approach: an essential solution... Read More
  • Philosophy

    Reliability, transparency and affinity: the values of Messrs Baracco and Fornasiero. The aim is to assist the companies, acting as competent partners... Read More
  • Dimensione Azienda

    Dimensione Azienda has been providing administrative and accounting services through its highly qualified staff since 1981. It guarantees assistance and support to businesses... Read More
  • Dimensione Lavoro

    Dimensione Lavoro has been offering HR administrative services since 1981. It offers solutions designed for economic operators and private citizens needing to navigate their way through the complex world of employment solutions... Read More
  • Services abroad

    Messrs Baracco and Fornasiero have a close-knit network of foreign correspondents enabling them to scrupulously analyse the global market and offer a multitude of solutions for businesses looking to go international... Read More
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